African Village School, Ekudzeni, Swaziland, South Africa


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Teachers's House, Fencing And Permanent Toilet Block

Initially the government had agreed to take over the day to day running of the school once we had built the first 3 classes. This subsequently changed and they asked for certain other criteria to be fulfilled before they did this. The criteria included building teacher’s accommodation (since the area was remote and staff may have to travel), permanent toilet blocks and the school land had to be fenced off. This, of course, not only meant more unbudgeted expense but we would also have to continue providing staff and equipment until such times as we fulfilled the government requests. We spent some months trying to raise the funds when The Angus Lawson Memorial Trust (once again through a friend of a friend at St Lukes Church) stepped in with a generous donation that would cover all the necessary work required Lynn set off once more to Swaziland to ensure the work commenced as soon as possible."

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