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School Uniforms

The next item on our agenda was to provide our girls with a school uniform each, that was smart and easily identifiable as being part of Angus Lawson's Community School. In Swaziland nearly every school has the same uniform for boys beige shorts/trousers and shirt it is therefore, not only in plentiful supply but easily obtainable. Girls, however, differ in each school, making uniforms more expensive and harder to obtain. Originally the colour peach was chosen but many of our girls could not afford the dresses so whilst the boys turned up suitably attired the girls faired rather less well. It was therefore discussed and blue and white check/striped dresses decided upon. This was for two reasons firstly no other school had this uniform and secondly, more importantly, this particular uniform was the choice of our local primary school, St Lukes in London. This meant that on our return from the visit to start the feeding program it was easy to put out an appeal for both good quality second hand dresses and new ones. In the next few months St Lukes families rose to the challenge and consequently when I returned in August of 2008 I carried with me enough school dresses to outfit all our girls. 

This was a great occasion for the school and attracted so much interest that a camera crew attended from the local TV station and the whole "presenting of the uniforms" was recorded and broadcast on both the morning and evening news the following day!

The advantage to living on a homestead without electricity is  that I was unable to see myself being interviewed for the broadcast - a fact I'm very grateful for!!!!

Our girls now look even more beautiful without the financial worry and we were even able to provide socks for each girl too.


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