African Village School, Ekudzeni, Swaziland, South Africa


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Our trip in November was very busy. We managed to purchase a 15 seater mini bus to be used for both our pre school children and our football teams. We added 8 piglets to our livestock programme and initially purchased 10 laying chickens which we have now increased to 30. Our chickens are now providing 200 plus eggs per week -  valuable source of both protein and income. 
The relevant government department was approached and notified we wished to build a bridge over a deep, fast flowing river in our community and an assurance given that once the weather had improved they would provide a grader to maintain the road leading to the river so we can get equipment to the site. Unfortunately it rained for the entire time we were there but cement has been purchased in preparation for the start of our bridge project to enable the safe passage of our children and elderly community members to cross the river safely. We have also made contact with a building supply company who have agreed to donate other materials needed.
In addition we were able to equip an indoor kitchen at the Betty Friend Home of Hope which has reduced cooking time from all day over an open fire to less than hour to cook for 70 - 100 children daily at  the Busisiwe Feeding Programme. We were also able to buy beds and a wardrobe for the house.
An industrial grass cutter was bought to ensure our school grounds are snake free and this can also be rented to other communities.


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