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The School Reaches Completion

Following the generous donation from The Angus Lawson Memorial Trust ( it was not only possible to complete the toilets, fencing and teacher's house but work was able to start on the next four classrooms to accommodate our rapidly expanding pupil role. By January 2009 we had 147 pupils, a huge increase on the original 37 children we had started with only two years previously!

Work progressed slowly due to our builder Mfisher being very unwell. Mfisher sadly died last year but not before he ensured the school would be finished - we owe him a huge debt of thanks for his dedication to the school during a very difficult time. Mfisher features in the photo's at the top of the page in hard hat and with a smile on his face that never disappeared no matter what. We are privilaged to have known him.

Our project manager Senzo successfully applied to the Micro Project for additional funding and our school now proudly boasts 7 classrooms, teachers and a headmistress which the government employ and pay salaries for. Sadly Linda, our original teacher, moved on to another school this year - we will miss her greatly and wish her the very best for her future career - without Linda there really would be no school.

Further good news is that for the first time this year education is now free for grades 1 and 2 an amazing developement and one which will be a huge relief to families who struggle to pay mandatory fees for their children allowing even more children access to our school and education. We are extremely proud to announce this academic year commenced with the grand total of 170 pupils on the school role. Currently over one third of our pupils are orphans and now the school is self suffcient we feel the time is right to move on to fund raise for our new orphan's project in order to provide food, shelter, help and love 365 days a year.


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